“I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your perspective on the topics that were covered in your sessions. Your deep seeing, strength and compassion helped me realize that all challenges can be overcome bit-by-bit when one sets the intention to do the best by our children. Exploring a situation to see what is appropriate, accepting one's role as a parent, and having the courage to overcome one's own unconscious conditioning are some of the learnings I have taken from your sessions.” —SM

“I enjoy the parenting group. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and I am learning helpful tools to use with children. I enjoy listening to parents talking about various struggles they have and yours and others‘ responses to them. I like the topics we have addressed. I think it would be a great affordable resource for parents to get support and some helpful input.” —PC

“I really enjoyed the feedback and the participation of the group members. The occasional side bar support from some members helped to affirm and normalize our parenting endeavors.  I plod through the challenges of my children's protests. It helps to have my structure and parenting guidelines join a group discussion to contribute to the information. - it helps me as a therapist and as a parent to contrast a variety of ideas to motivate me.” —HB